Data Sensorium

Data Sensorium is a transmedia performance work that expresses migratory data through movement and graphics
Picture of Data Sensorium

Data Sensorium 1 - Environmental Migration is a transmedia performance work that expresses data through movement and graphics. The work explores environmental migration data from the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre with the intent to raise awareness on the relationship between climate change and disaster displacement. It does this through a process of data visualization and data embodiment, a communicative and artistic method that approaches the body as a choreographic medium to physicalize and perform abstract data.

Data Sensorium is a metaLAB project with seed funding from the Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE). The project launched in 2022 via residencies at the ArtLab and RoundAntennae. Led by metaLAB Principal Lins Derry, collaborators include Isabelle Edgar (dancer) and Jordan Kruguer (choreographic interface co-developer). Advisors include Hélène Benveniste (HUCE Fellow), KT Nelson (artistic mentor), and Ilya Vidrin (dramaturg).