Choreographic Interface

As part of Curatorial A(i)gents, we researched how a choreographic interface could enable visitors to interact with the show’s projects via a dance vocabulary

What is a choreographic interface and what role does dance choreography play in its design process?

In 2019, metaLAB began work on Curatorial A(i)gents, a digital exhibition exploring the theme of artificial intelligence and curatorial practice. The show was slated to premiere the following year at the Harvard Art Museums’ Lightbox Gallery. Postponed until 2022, due to the pandemic, metaLAB assembled a team to develop a “touchless” solution for interfacing with the interactive projects in the show. Conceived as a choreographic interface, the team researched how a full-torso gestural vocabulary could enable visitors to move freely in the Lightbox Gallery without having to touch any shared devices. Below is a video showing how the interface worked with the various projects.