Till Rückwart

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Till Rückwart is a PhD candidate in Visual Culture at the Institute for Theater Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. His artistic research practice derives from non-human photography, sensor technologies, satellite imagery, interface studies and software-based glitches. The work includes interactive installations, video works, photography, and participatory net art, and focuses on the interplay of technology and unexpected malfunctions that lead to speculative and critical thinking about the interdependencies of media, society, and the environment. He holds an MA in Media Studies from the University of Potsdam and the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. His master’s thesis explored glitches in Google Earth satellite imagery, emphasizing its aesthetics as a potential for media-reflexive analysis.

Currently, Till is teaching courses on computer, AI and practice-based research in the Master’s program in Culture and Media Management at Freie Universität. He has exhibited at the Museum Fluxus+ in Potsdam and re:publica, a digital culture festival in Berlin, among other venues.