Choreographic Panel

Curatorial A(i)gents

A discussion that begins with the Curatorial A(i)gents’ choreographic interface and peels back questions on dance, embodiment, and human-computer interaction.
Picture of Choreographic Panel

Convening different “schools” of thought - quite literally from Harvard, MIT, and Brown, and more figuratively from design and performance studies - Lins Derry, Hiroshi Ishii, Ozgun Kilic Afsar, and Sydney Skybetter will meet on Zoom to talk about the choreographics of interactive technology. At metaLAB, Lins Derry researches how choreography models can be applied to design processes; at the MIT Media Lab, the Tangible Media Group researches how technology interactions can be more embodied; and at Brown, Sydney Skybetter founded the Conference for Research on Choreographic Interfaces, through which he facilitates discourses on “choreorobotics,” surveillance technologies, and more.

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