Sinan Goknur

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Sinan Goknur is an ACLS Emerging Voices fellow at metaLAB at Harvard. As a scholar and practitioner of media arts, his work combines humanities-based research with art and design practice. Sinan graduated with a PhD from the Computational Media Arts & Cultures (CMAC) department at Duke University and taught courses in art & media theory, experimental interface design, and web development. In his art practice, Sinan Goknur has engaged with urban memory and transformation via site specific video projection performances and participatory public arts. His dissertation thesis situates the changes in Istanbul’s physical and social texture after the 1980 military coup and discusses how artists in the 1990s and 2000s traced the social and political consequences of the coup in the shifting materiality of Istanbul while developing dissident aesthetic practices in relation to these transformations. Since the mid-2000s, Sinan has been a part of the LGBTI+ grassroots movement in Turkey and continues to participate in queer cultural organizing and action in his home country, including serving in LGBTI+ exhibition organization committees and curatorial boards.