Peggy Yin

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Peggy Yin is a researcher, musician, and community builder exploring how neuroscience, technology, and the arts can inspire more compassion and connection in the world. Her background spans the fields of crisis counseling, youth mentoring, experimental psychology, human-computer interaction, computational biology, and artificial intelligence. She is the co-founder and co-leader of Conflux—Harvard’s first undergraduate art tech club—Academic Chair of the Harvard Society for Mind Brain Behavior, a Ferris Choral Fellow with the Harvard University Choir, and a Science, Technology, and Society Undergraduate Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. From designing chat platforms that allow users to interact with AI-generated versions of their future selves to creating art installations that illustrate the affective impact of conversation, her current interdisciplinary projects develop how technology can augment our sense of empathy, identity, and meaning-making in both intra- and interpersonal interactions.