Oliver Luo

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Oliver is a designer, animator, and strategist based in Cambridge, MA. In his years with the design studio and consultancy INVIVIA, he has embarked on a variety of projects including interactive public art installations, architectural renders, data and system visualization, strategic consulting for clients, and UI/UX designs. In parallel with his professional work, he experiments with film, animation, and art assemblages to explore novel ways of capturing and narrating experiences in his own life and in those of others. His work has been exhibited, screened, and/or presented at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Museum of Modern Art, the Prague Quadrennial, the International Festival of Animated Films in Stuttgart, the Sert Gallery of the Harvard Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, and several on-campus galleries. He has also been published in Nat. Brut, The Harvard Advocate, and Tuesday Magazine. When he finds time, he dabbles in the indie game scene and indulges his global wanderlust.

Oliver is currently pursuing a Master in Design Engineering (MDE) at the Harvard Graduate School of Design + School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.