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An Art Historian By Other Means

Michael Maizels is a poly-disciplinary researcher working at the intersection of creativity, technology and economics. He is the author of five books (two forthcoming) and nearly two dozen peer reviewed articles and white papers on topics ranging from crypto-economics to the music of Kanye West. His writing has appeared in publications including CoinDesk, TechCrunch, Art in America and Whitehot, where is a regular contributor. He earned a PhD from the University of Virginia and an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Selected White Papers For Download
With Sy Chan, “Finance as Medium: The NFT Ecosystem to Come” bit.ly/33I8iab
With Daniel Mendelzon, “ Internet of Assets: Ubiquitous Networks & the Future of Secured Lending” bit.ly/324BN5P
With Patrick Jagoda, “Playing the Narrative Beyond: The Case for Exponential Media” bit.ly/3Gvcrgi

Selected Books Articles
Inverse Mirror: Visual Art and the World of Contemporary China (Under Review)
Collecting the Now: On the Financial Side of Postwar Art History (University Michigan Press, Forthcoming Fall 2022)
In and Out of Phase: An Episodic History of Art and Music (University of Michigan Press, 2020).
Barry Le Va: The Aesthetic Aftermath (University of Minnesota Press, 2015).

“Taxing The System” Columbia Journal of Law and the Arts (June 2019).
“The System that Destroys Itself” Crisis and Critique (Spring 2018), 211-235.
“Maleness and Material” Performance Art Journal (Winter 2017/2018), 61-73.
“Kanye’s Desiign, or the Author Function in the Age of Yeezus.” In the Moment (Fall 2017).