Kyle Parry

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Kyle Parry is assistant professor in the History of Art and Visual Culture at the University of California Santa Cruz. He researches across digital media, visual culture, critical theory, and the environmental humanities. His book project, A Theory of Assembly: From Museums to Memes (University of Minnesota Press, ~2022) argues for the power and pervasiveness of a cross-media cultural form called assembly. A second book project, Ubiquity: Photography’s Multitudes, is a co-edited volume on the history and theory (and critique) of photographic ubiquity, to be published with Leuven University Press in Fall 2021. Other recent projects concern selfies, digital imaging, and thought; protest, networks, and the concept of aboutness; and performative approaches to digital scholarship and data visualization. His research has been published in Critical Inquiry, Debates in the Digital Humanities, and Archive Journal. At metaLAB, Kyle was a principal and doctoral researcher from 2011-15, while completing his PhD in Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard.