Johan Malmstedt

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Johan Malmstedt is a sound enthusiast exploring the conjunction between signal processing and historiography. He is a doctoral student in media and communication studies with a focus on the Digital Humanities at the Department of Culture and Media Studies, and affiliated with the interdisciplinary research infrastructure Humlab. He has a background in history of ideas and computational methods and is interested in sound media as an object of knowledge. Malmstedt’s primary focus is on audio collections, examining them both as data repositories and historical phenomenon. His dissertation maps and explores the stylistic development of radio broadcasting during the latter half of the 20th century in Sweden. He is the author of several articles on broadcasting history from a sonic perspective.

Additionally, Malmstedt has written about digital signal processing as a methodology within humanities research. He also curates the seminar program at Humlab with a specific focus on the history of knowledge. Malmstedt is involved in several research projects, including WeStAc ( and the TAIGA-financed History of Vector Models, a collaboration with the Department of Musicology and Media Science at Humboldt university, Berlin.