Chiara Fauda Pichet

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Chiara Fauda Pichet is an interior designer and Ph.d. Candidate in Design Politecnico di Milano. As a researcher, she is studying the history of design and its relationship with contemporary art and architecture.

She contributed to the project, the first collective virtual archive of Italian historical installations and archival projects and curatorship with Triennale Design Museum, CSAC - Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione and Andrea Branzi Architetto Studio. Since 2015 she is contributor in the magazine “INVENTARIO. Everything is a project” directed by Beppe Finessi and TA at Politecnico di Milano in “ Design and Architecture History” and “Design and Art” classes. Aim of her research is the study, conservation, and enhancement, in an innovative form of a museum, of all those places, intended as inhabited interior, dedicated to “doing art and design.”