Adam Haar Horowitz

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In her murky gut, the wood-feeding termite harbors the secret of life. What is it? A community becomes an individual. The arithmetic of the living. One plus one is one -Professor Lynn Margulis

Adam is an interstitial imp existent in between neuroscience, human computer interaction and experiential art. His work aims to expand possibilities for introspection. Currently a Master’s student at the MIT Media Lab in the Fluid Interfaces Group, Adam comes from work in brain research at the MIT McGovern Institute studying Mindfulness and Mind-Wandering. Adam has injected neuroscience into the Marina Abramovic Institute’s artistic investigation of empathy, created robotic trees that perform psychological experiments with Schema Arts Collective, and collaborated with MacArthur Fellow playwright Lee Breuer on memoryless Markov chain generated monologues. Adam’s work has been shown at Cannes Film Festival, SXSW, the Boston MFA and more. Current projects include dystopian emotion spas, microscopic Virtual Reality adventures inside the human body, and dream control and capture in the liminal space between wakefulness and sleep.