Sounds of Lesvos

Audio Workshop About Sound + Place

Lesvos, Greece

metaLAB is teaming up with the Office of Displaced Designers to offer a workshop on multisensory participatory mapping, open to both locals and displaced persons living in and near Mytilene on the island of Lesvos, Greece. Participants will explore space using the senses, developing a set of maneuvers for using mapping to think about problems of community & cultural development, political economy, and the flow of people and resources. Through a variety of accessible digital media, deep looking/listening, and hands-on making and paper-based expression, we’ll develop a mosaic of mapped expressions of sensory experience, affect, and sociopolitical concerns.

The workshop is taking place 16-20 May in Mytilene; instructors from metaLAB will be Myrna Aloub, Matthew Battles, Peter McMurray, and Sarah Newman.