The Quality of Slownesses in Expanded Neural Networks

Hybrid workshop with Dario Rodighiero, Helene Nymann, Ilya Vidrin, Joseph Dumit and Lins Derry
Hosted and conceived by Anna-Lena Werner & Sophie Erlund
Berlin and hybrid
Installation view: Sophie Erlund, Nature is an event that never stops

Please click here to join online from 8:00 am EDT/ 2:00 pm CEST

Based on interdisciplinary, practice-based research contributions by data scientist Dario Rodighiero artist Helene Nymann, research-practitioner Ilya Vidrin, anthropologist Joe Dumit and choreographic designer Lins Derry, this interactive workshop examines the plasticity of “Slownesses” and suggests it as a quality or modality, rather than a temporality. Exploring so-called “attentioning”, in terms of physical and neural movements, as well as more-than-human-perspectives, participants will explore how memories may be imagined in spaces of the future.


The times are displayed in CEST.

  • 09:30
    Annette Jael Lehmann (KMM / metaLAB) & Anna-Lena Werner (KMM) & Sophie Erlund (EER)

  • 9:45-10:25
    Introductions and Presentation round
    Every participant, including the workshop hosts and presenters pick one thing which they are currently most excited or curious about and have 2 minutes to present that

++++++++ 5 min. BREAK ++++++++++

  • 10:30-12:00
    Slowmenology, the aesthetics of neurodiverse togetherness in making and learning
    Joseph Dumit (EER)
    A workshop on experiential learning and aesthetics with/from non-humans and then each other. Using “slownesses” as an experimental portal into the how of experience and reflection.

  • 12:00-13:00
    Respondence & Scores (buildings)
    Sophie Erlund & KMM-Students

++++++++ LUNCH ++++++++++

hybrid from here: Click here

  • 14:00-14:30
    Presentation round with new participants from metaLab (at) Harvard & FU Berlin
    Every participant, including the workshop hosts and presenters pick one thing which they are currently most excited or curious about and have 2 minutes to present that

  • 14:30-16:00
    Continuonus: Re-membering Landscapes
    Helene Nymann (EER)
    This workshop will explore learning through movement with and from inner and outer landscapes to re member futures, posing questions of future ancestry and how to remember in the digital age. We will explore ancient and indigenous mnemonic techniques and the 17th century “Carte de Tendre” by Madeleine De Scudéry, and engage in the artwork “Carte De Continuonus” (2023) by Helene Nymann and the EER group. Using data from the ContinuOnus website, we invit e participants to contribute to this collective mapping of emotions and re membering, creating a landscape of exchange, (e)motion, and imagination in times of uncertainty.

  • 16:00-16:15
    Dario Rodigiero (metaLAB)

  • 16:30-17:15
    The Choreographics of Data Systems (Hybrid Presentation)
    Lins Derry (metaLAB)
    In this hybrid workshop, Lins Derry will discuss “the choreographics of data systems” or instances where choreography aids the systematic processing of data − such as when data are aestheticized, classified, or, all together, reconfigured.

  • 17:15-17:30
    Respondend Ilya Vidrin (metaLAB)

  • 17:30-18:30
    Final reflections
    Led by Sophie Erlund & Anna-Lena Werner

  • 18:30- 19:00
    Informal networking

This workshop is a collaboration between the research networks Experimenting, Experiencing, Reflecting (EER) and metaLAB (at) Harvard & FU Berlin.


Freie Universität Berlin
Institut für Theaterwissenschaft
Grunewaldstr. 35 12165 Berlin
Room: SR 103


Anna-Lena Werner is a post doc researcher and educator for Culture and Media at the Institute for Theatre / Freie Universität Berlin, focusing on the entanglements of art, politics and representations of violence.

Annette Jael Lehmann is Professor for Culture and Media at the Institute for Theater Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. She has a strong interdisciplinary focus in research and practice-based collaborations, and is co- founder of metLAB (at) FU Berlin.

Dario Rodighiero is an assistant professor of STS at the University of Groningen and a principal at Harvard’s metaLAB, specializing in design, data, and visual literacy, with a focus on network visualization and text analysis to reveal cultural and scientific insights.

Helene Nymann is a Danish visual artist and artistic researcher focusing on embodied knowledge, memory-systems and future ancestry.

Ilya Vidrin is Assistant Professor of Creative Practice Research and core faculty at the Institute for Experiential Robotics at Northeastern University (Boston, USA) and an interdisciplinary research-practitioner, investigating ethics of interaction, including the embodiment of care, trust, cultural competence and social responsibility.

Joseph Dumit is an anthropologist of passions, performance, brains, computers, AI, games, bodies, drugs and facts; Chair of Performance Studies, and Prof. of STS and Anthropology at University of California Davis, and Prof Interdisciplinary Data Collaborations at Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University.

Lins Derry is a choreographic designer and Principal at metaLAB (at) Harvard working in the domains of dance, data representation, and human-computer interaction.

Sophie Erlund is Danish born artist represented by PSM, Berlin, and a researcher and producer at Studio Olafur Eliasson, Berlin.


Conveeners & Organisers
Sophie Erlund (EER)
Anna-Lena Werner (KMM)

Ariadna López, Alice Lena Hiepko

Video Documentation
Yanina Isla