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Curatorial A(i)gents

A discussion between the artists and designers of Curatorial A(i)gents who’ve applied panoramic and playful perspectives to the Harvard Art Museums collections using AI
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Over the course of an hour, Zoom attendees will have the opportunity to hear about three perspective-shifting projects featured in Curatorial A(i)gents: Surprise Machines, Object Map, and Aixquisite Corpse. Dario Rodighiero, Douglas Duhaime, and Christopher Pietsch set out to visualize and curate the entire universe of the museums’ collections in Surprise Machines; metaLAB’s reprisal of Object Map (2016 - 2022) showcases the collections’ imagery and metadata across a populous grid; and Keith Hartwig, Dan Newman, and Kevin Brewster’s AIxquisite Corpse identifies body-like images in the collections, inviting visitors to construct their own strange hybrid beings.

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