Open Session: Artifacts in Space

Cambridge, MA

metaLAB_open session: Artifacts in Space

Human Culture & Design Beyond Earth’s Bounds

With Sands Fish

March 27, 3-4 PM

Cabot Library Discovery Bar

Space provides dramatically different constraints from those with which we evolved. It follows that the way we design and create will change and adapt. As we look at the longer timeline of humans living in space, what emerges is nothing short of a new human culture.

This talk will explore the unique human factors of microgravity, and review a number of cultural experiments being undertaken to understand how art and design will change in our interplanetary future.

SANDS FISH is an artist and researcher at the MIT Media Lab’s Civic Media group. His work uses activism, computer science, ethnography, and speculative design to help communities imagine and advocate for more desirable futures. Previously, he was a data visualization fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and at MIT’s HyperStudio. He also co- organizes Tech Poetics, a new media art community in Boston.

Through open sessions in Cabot Library’s Discovery Bar, metaLAB seeks to highlight the emerging community making new media and digital scholarship happen at Harvard and beyond.