Create Your Own GPT-3 Chatbot With Your Social Media Profile

Have you ever wanted to create a chatbot version of yourself? In this two hour workshop, participants will learn how to fine-tune GPT3 using their social media data to create a chatbot. We will then converse with our chatbots about values and compare their values to our own.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to fine-tune the large natural language processing model GPT-3 on their social media data to create a chatbot version of themself. They will then converse with their chatbot self and compare their own values to those they perceive in the chatbot. In this workshop, we will explore: What are our values, and how are these reflected in our social media presence? What happens when we create a fine-tuned natural language processing model using such data? Do our values also translate? Can we truly create chatbot versions of ourselves using this method, or are these representations lacking (and, if so, in what ways?) This workshop is limited to 30 people. No programming skills are required. Preparations include that participants are asked to download their social media data including either Facebook Messenger conversations, Twitter messages, Instagram messages, or WhatsApp messages beforehand, and to format the data for training using the CSV template that will be sent to each participant. Each participant will also need to sign up for a free account with OpenAI in advance, install Python, and install the openAI package. We will send you a video following workshop enrollment that includes all instructions for preparation. Participants should expect preparations to take at least two hours. The workshop is two hours long and held online on April 21st at 9 AM EST. This workshop is a part of the study Exploring Embedded Values in Natural Language Processing through Fine-Tuning Foundational Models on Social Media Data. Participation in the study is optional and is not required for participation in the workshop, although priority for enrollment will be given to those who are willing to participate in the study.