Futurefood I


Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Public Library

Saturday, May 11, 1-4 PM

In a series of three Spring events, FUTUREFOOD is working with local producers, brewers, and restaurateurs to create foods of the future drawn from the natural world around us—the kind of ingredients and flavors we’ll need to cultivate if we’re going to nourish ourselves and our communities on a warming planet.

FUTUREFOOD I features KVASS, a traditional Russian fermented beverage made from leftover bread, created in collaboration with Aeronaut Brewery. We’ll let everyone get in on the kvass-making action, with a big vat of breadcrumbs to soak and stir and make into magic.

In addition to the kvass, we’ll have exercises to help us imagine food systems for neighborly flourishing in times of climate change. Bicycle gardens? Rooftop aquaculture? Neighborhood wind farms? We’ll turn the outputs into visions of thriving urban scenarios for the Anthropocene for display in the gallery of the Cambridge Arts Council.

Join us at Aeronaut Brewing Co. immediately following the event for a free tasting of a lemon rye kvass.