Critical Panel

Curatorial A(i)gents

A discussion between the artists and designers of Curatorial A(i)gents who’ve applied a critical eye to machine learning and collection practices. Moderated by Sarah Newman.
Picture of Critical Panel

Over the course of an hour, Zoom attendees will have the opportunity to hear about three critical projects featured in Curatorial A(i)gents: This Recommendation System Is Broken, Ocean Amplification, and Igùn. Riffing on the shopping systems found in streaming media and online markets in This Recommendation System is Broken, Giulia Taurino and Jonatan Reyes play with our museum-going expectations as consumers and viewers; in Ocean Amplification, Francisco Alarcón (in collaboration with MIT’s Stefan Helmreich) infuses sublime experience with questions about the environmental costs of computation; and Igún by Minne Atairu draws attention to the 17-year gap of artistic production in Benin brought about by the 1897 British invasion by generating conceptual sculptures of what ‘could’ have existed during this gap.

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