Creating Space for Magic

A hybrid performance-talk by magician, artist, and researcher Jeanette Andrews whose practice merges performance and experience design to create gateways to explore the invisible and wondrous aspects of sensory perception.
Picture of Creating Space for Magic

Jeanette Andrews presented her performance-talk, Creating Space for Magic, to students and guests in Jeffrey Schnapp’s course The Spectacle Factory at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The course examines the modern history of immersive theater, entertainment, experience, and media spaces from the standpoint of the history of architecture and design. In her talk, Andrews discussed the cultural spaces that magic has historically occupied, contrasting the design of historic magic theaters to that of unconventional sites like parks and museums. She further detailed several of her projects where, for instance, she has used geo-located audio AR to architect a space for the invisible. In her interactive performance, she created gateways for the students to explore the wondrous aspects of sensory perception.

Creating Space for Magic is now up on Vimeo! Please note that due to Andrews’ work being designed for a live audience and her commitment to preserve its surprising elements for future viewers, only an excerpt of the performance is included. To learn more about her work, please visit

Jeanette Andrews is an artist, magician, and Affiliate at metaLAB. Andrews’ work focuses on the development of interactive magic and sensory illusions via performance, sculpture, installation and audio.